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September – national Hill’s Pet Dental Month

It’s not only people who need to ‘brush up’ their dental routine. Dental disease is the number one health problem in cats and dogs aged three years and older.  Dr Cedric Tutt, a Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry, explains how to keep your pet’s mouth in tip top condition:

Daily brushing: “Brushing is the best way to remove plaque. Otherwise plaque hardens into calculus which needs to be removed under general anaesthetic.”

Feed special foods that help keep teeth clean: “I recommend Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d for animals with oral health problems. The kibbles have a special fibre that prevents the biscuit from disintegrating when bitten, instead it helps to physically clean the tooth.”

Toys and treats: “Hooves and bones appear to be one of the biggest causes of teeth fractures and hard plastic Frisbees are not ideal. Rather use softer toys made of rubber or rope.”

Annual check-up: “Ask the vet to examine your pet’s mouth during its annual visit. If you notice bad breath or bleeding gums take your pet to the vet immediately.”

For expert advice speak to your vet. For more information on foods that help keep your pet’s teeth clean visit

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Mariah Carey's dogs are getting a trip to the UK that most of us can only dream of...

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WC Obedience, Puppy Classes, etc. Julie:   082 376 7367
Cape Province Dog Club
Private/Group Classes
Canine Good Citizen
Johnny:  083 261 0021
WC Ringcraft Classes Sue Impey 0823483290
Gauteng Show Training & Socialising Judi:   082 556 7369
KZN Ringcraft Di:   083 629 7573
WC Schutzhund Tel: 082 735 3695


find a breeder

find a breeder


Central South Africa Cluster Weekend - Bloem Shows urgently need Ring Stewards for their Championship Shows on Friday 29th August, Saturday 30th August & Sunday 31st August. Please contact Marius Booysen at 051 7240736, Cell 0721175468 or Carine Buitendacht at 0825504713.

Jack and Jean Peden have celebrated their 25th Wedding anniversary.
SA Ladies congratulates them on their Silver wedding anniversary and wish them many more happy years together.

Scene Around

Brag Bin

Please send any 'Best' or 'Reserve Best' wins for a FREE brag!
Include your name, dogs name, win, club, show date and photographer name.
Show photo with judge only.
Res Best In Show
Celtic Breeds Club of Western Transvaal
16 Aug 2014
Int. Ch. & Ch. Pitlochry's Jack of Glengarrif
Photo : Harvey
Best In Show
PE Kennel Club
16 August 2014
Le Meulleur Veni Vidi Vici  
(Du Pisani)
Best Baby Puppy in Show
Celtic Breeds Club of Western Transvaal
16 August 2014
Essex Vlici Pisen of Mukonry (imp Czech)

 Reserve Working & Herding Puppy of the Year
W&H Breeds Ass
Fairmoor Piping Hot
17 August 2014
Photo: Beckmann
Best Junior in Show
Working & Herding Breeds Ass
17 August 2014
 Foxfire Heaven Sent
Best Baby Puppy in Show
Working & Herding Breeds Ass
17 August 2014
 Foxfire Prince Charming

Best Baby Puppy in Show
Siberian Husky Club
August 2014
 Foxfire Prince Charming
Best in Show
NAPC Top Dog Fundraiser
10 August 2014
Ch The Best Models Trust Me of Xamner (Imp Croatia)
Photo: De Coning
Best in Show
Best Puppy in Show
Chow Chow Club of Gauteng
27 July 2014
Zaida –Jin Cunami for Kimekai  (imp LTU)
Photo : Cliff  
Best Neuter in Show
KZN Junior KC
1 August 2014
Vastonice Quanto Skye
Photo : Loggenberg
Res Best in Show
Res Best Junior in Show
W&H Puppy of the Year
Working & Herding Breeds Ass
17 August 2014
Annan Burning Desire
Best in Show
Cape Town Kennel Club
10 August 2014
Quillquest Mowgli
Photo : Ackhurst

Best Baby Puppy in Show
Roodepoort & Dist KC
24 August 2014
Midnightdream Master Legend
Best Junior in Show
The Siberian Husky Club of Gauteng
16 August 2014
Wolvereen Over The Moon (Imp Can)
Best Puppy in Show
Reserve Best in Show
Golden Retriever Club of Transvaal
17 August 2014
Mochavulin Colour Me Jake
Best in Show
Roodepoort & Districts KC
4th Goldfields Dog of the Year
24 August 2014
Ch Morgalen Belleisle
Photo: De Coning

2014 Show Calendar

WHO IS JUDGING WHERE?  click here to find out                             DOWNLOAD THE KUSA SHOW CALENDAR - CLICK HERE
Date Closing Date Club Place Other


29 August 8 August Northern Free State Kennel Club (Ch) Bloemfontein Breed Breakdown
30 August 8 August Bloemfontein Kennel Club (Ch) Bloemfontein Breed Breakdown
31 August 8 August Kimberley Kennel Club (Ch) Bloemfontein Breed Breakdown
6 September 19 August Baakens Valley Working & Herding Br.Club (Ch) Grahamstown
6 September 19 August Queenstown Kennel Club (Ch) Grahamstown
7 September 19 August Grahamstown Kennel Club (Ch) Grahamstown
13 September Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (Op) Milnerton
14 September Irish Wolfhound Club (Op) Goldfields
14 September Breede Rivier Vallei Kennel Club (Op) Jagtershof
14 September Mother City Poodle Club (Op) Jagtershof
20 September 2 September Cape Bulldog Club (Ch) Milnerton
20 September 1 September Transvaal Cocker Spaniel Club (Ch) Gauteng
20 September 31 August Labrador Retriever Club (Ch) Goldfields
21 September 30 August The Gundog Club (Ch) Goldfields
21 September 31 August Wits Welsh Corgi Club Tramordwy (Ch) Goldfields
4 October 9 September Sasolburg Kennel Club (Ch) Sasolburg
10 October 16 September SALKA (FCI)
11 October 16 September TKC (Ch)
11 October 28 September Boxer Club Golden Reef (Ch) Goldfields
11 October 22 September SA Dachshund Club (Ch) Goldfields
12 October 16 September TKC (FCI)
12 October 25 September Grand Central Utility Breeds Club (Ch) Goldfields
18 October 26 September Breede Rivier Vallei Kennel Club (Ch) Kuilsrivier
19 October 25 September Cape Town Kennel Club (Ch) Kuilsrivier
24 October 6 October Working & Herding Breeds Club (Ch) Brackenfell
24 October 20 September Mother City Poodle Club (Ch) Brackenfell
24 October 10 October Victory Toy Dog Club (Ch) Brackenfell
24 October 10 October Cape Terrier Club (Ch) Brackenfell
24 October 10 October Cape Gundog Club (Ch) Brackenfell
25 October 6 October Western Province Kennel Club (Ch) Brackenfell
25 October 25 September White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club (Ch) Brackenfell
2 November Natal Sporting Hound Ass (Op) Pinetown