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"The 2020 Stack"

About the Dog World Cyber "The 2020 Stack" Show

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To alleviate more of your boredom during these lockdown days,
Dogworld SA has been requested to hold another show where everybody gets to stay at home! This is your chance to show off your dog(s) best stacked photo without having to leave home!

Entries close 30 June 2020.

Entering the show is easy!  Simply submit the required information about each dog (by email only), send in a few photographs (digital), and send off your entry fee to Dogworld.  Our excellent judge will evaluate the dogs and select the winners. 

50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Goldfields Grounds Fund.
Unfortunately, prizes will not be able to be delivered to international entries.

The (Simple) Rules
1)  Entries must be submitted by the dog's owner or an individual specifically designated by the owner (i.e., entry requires the permission of the owner)

2)  There will be one category for entry per age group (under 12 months or over 12 months)
      a) Best Stack (Must be pure bred.  Judged according to the breed standard)
3)  No dog will be entered until its entry is complete.  The deadline for receipt of ALL materials and payment is
30 June 2020.

4)  Photographs must not be altered in any way that affects the appearance of the dog.  The photos viewed by the judge will be edited to eliminate handlers, ribbons, trophies, and any other identifying features.

5)  Judging of the dogs for the "Best Stack" will be for conformity to the official standard for each breed.  The only information provided to the judge besides the photos is the exhibit number, age, sex and breed.

6)  The identity of the judge will remain secret until the results are announced on
6 July 2020.

7)  This is a FUN Event!  All exhibitors are expected to participate in a spirit of fun, cooperation, and sportsmanship.  The grumpy, the quarrelsome, and those taking this too seriously may be invited to not participate in future shows at the discretion of the organizers.  Of course, the decision of the Judge is final.

Notes :
1.  Neutered or spayed animals are eligible for entry.
2.  Deceased animals are eligible for entry.

The Judging

The judge will evaluate the dogs based only on the photographs and supplementary information (i.e., age, breed, sex, etc) provided.  A winner and a reserve will be placed per age group (under or over 12 months).

To avoid any temptation to "educate" the judge regarding the merits (or otherwise) of the entrants, the judge will remain anonymous until the day of the show (6 July 2020)!  

How to enter

  1. Fill in the Entry Form (Word).
  2. Attach ONE photograph per entry for each dog (see Photo Instructions).
  3. Pay the entry fee. (see Payment Instructions).
  4. Submit your entry form and photo to Dog World by email (
  5. Deadline for receipt of all materials and payment is 30 June 2020.
  6. Results will be announced on the Dog World website on 6 July 2020.

This is a fun event!