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20 June 2016
At the last four shows  (Oudtshoorn and Malmesbury) three out of four bitch CCs, in my breed, were awarded to minor puppies. While the puppies in question were lovely, why award the CC to a minor puppy where it has no value at all? I think this question should be re-assessed so that a CC cannot be awarded to a minor puppy, as is the case with the Baby Puppy. A judge needs to be something of a clairvoyant to compare a minor puppy with a mature dog. Puppies should be compared to puppies. Another consideration why a minor pup should - in my opinion - not be awarded a CC is the fact that Dysplasia x-rays are only taken at 12 months and a number of beautiful dogs disappear from the ring at that age.

Another point that is - to my mind - a waste of time and effort is to award RCCs if they count for nothing at all. In bygone days, an RCC counted for a third of a point - and that makes more sense.

As we all know, showing has become an expensive exercise - just looking at fuel and accommodation costs which have escalated out of proportion. This has led to significantly decreased entries. The judging results of the past four shows have severely dampened my enthusiasm for showing.

Dr Jan Hovers

21 June 2016
Loved your post about the puppies  getting credited – a real slap in the face to the adult dogs. Gee whiz they must have been awful.

Take  heart - in the one Group at Oudshoorn the Baby Puppy got the RCC from a  Judge who is way  past his sell by date. Not even eligible – but got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Judging at all four shows from such esteemed Judges was all in all very surprising.


21 June 2016
I feel that if the puppy was a better speciman of the breed in question, then it should get the CC over the older dog. Just because they are older does not mean that they are better.
No rose coloured glasses

17 July 2016
I have just read the conversation re giving a minor puppy the CC, two of my last litter were given CCs from minor puppy class last October and have gone on to be outstanding Labradors, I was given a lot of criticism at the time, or the judges were.

In fact, a puppy by our boy in Australia was RBIS at the nationals recently and  his sire our boy BIS, judged by international judge Phillipe Lammens Misty Dreams Labradors from an entry of 330 Labradors.

As a breeder of many years, I can see the quality of my puppies at an early age, what you see at 8 weeks will be, if puppy is reared correctly, as it will be when older.

I often look at some of the classes and wonder how on earth some of these mature dogs are given CCs.

I don’t agree re a RCC winner should get points for their title, many receive the RCC because of the poor entry and quite honestly are not worthy of the prestigious title of champion.

Re when the dogs hips are x-rayed is of no consequence as to how the judge rates a minor puppy providing of course they are not lame. There are some breeders who still breed when the results are not up to the breed standard.

I will be out with some baby puppies in October and possibly a minor puppy. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Betty Howard
Tapeatom Labradors

16 August 2016

Hiya all you whatsappers…………………..I have been following your conversations and your ideas, suggestions and comments etc make my heart warm. Only one thing they are not going to work. Sorry. and here’s why. None of them deal with the ‘human element’. That element that brings out the nasty streak in all of us. The spitefulness, the jealousy, the backbiting and back stabbing, the inconsideration, the selfishness, the me, myself & I syndrome etc. All reasons why I am almost gone from the ring, nothing to do with finances or the hard working committees that try all sorts of things. No one knows how to be a sportsman anymore only how to rubbish someone else usually behind their back of course. Deal with that and you are over  your first hurdle.

Oh yes and the face / book judging.
Give me hope Johanna